Sweet Tahini balls

Sweet Tahini balls

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This is an old favourite of mine. I have updated the recipe three times just because I want to justify the deliciousness of this recipe. This time I made them using regular, white and black sesame seeds, but originally I made them using beautiful black ones.

It all started a long time ago in a land far, far away. I am just kidding. It started with me having a big bag of black sesame seeds in my pantry. Do idea why we had, at one point, bought it but it’s looks seemed intriguing for a noob Hanna, as I was a year ago. At that point in time, I had fallen in love with the bitter nuttyness of tahini and just thought this would be a piece of cake! Oh boy, I was right! So easy, so good. I still don’t know how such a nooby person, as I was back then and still kind of is, could succeed so well. I guess it just might be so simple so anyone can do it. Doesn’t that just sound great?

Some sweetness from dates, the nutty taste of sesame seeds and voilà you got your one of the most delicious creations ever in the matter of minutes!


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And here’s the version using black sesame seeds.

IMG_0490 2IMG_0539 2




Sweet Sesame Bliss Balls

Combining sweet caramelly dates with nutty, slightly bitter sesame seeds is a snack dream come true!


  • 100g / 3,5 oz dates
  • 68 tbsp oats, or oat flour for smoother consistency
  • Optionally 1 tbsp tahini
  • 68 tbsp sesame seeds depending on taste + for rolling
  • Optionally a small pinch of salt


  1. Mix all the ingredients in a smooth food process or powerful mixer. Roll into balls and cover in sesame seeds. Enjoy!

Keywords: Raw, Vegan, whole food, refined sugar-, gluten-, oil-free, fruit sweetened, bliss balls, sesame



  1. 2017-02-25 / 10:12

    These look so pretty! I’ve been wanting try a sweet sesame recipe but hadn’t seen one where I love all the ingredients. But I have all these ingredients in my kitchen so I can make these! Yay! Thanks for sharing😊x

    • 2017-02-25 / 15:03

      That makes me glad to hear! I’d love to hear what you thought about them when/if you decide to try them out. I love feedback. 🙂

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