No Bake Toasted Cashew Caramel Brownies

Four gorgeous layers, a decadent raw/no bake brownie, a smooth caramel that melts in your mouth, toasted cashews, and a luxurious chocolate ganache to finish this piece of heaven. Also, these are great to keep in the freezer to be enjoyed whenever, as well as they’re gluten free, vegan, and on the “healthy” side with good ingredients. Something for everyone!



Brownie layer

  • 100g / 3,5 oz pitted dates
  • 60g / 2 oz nuts and seeds of choice (I used cashews and pumpkin seeds)
  • 3 tbsp rolled oats
  • 3 tbsp cocoa powder
  • A generous pinch of salt
  • A splash of vanilla extract

Caramel peanut layer

  • 150g / 5,3 oz pitted dates
  • 3 tbsp nut or seed butter of choice
  • Optional 12 tbsp maple syrup or other liquid sweetener
  • A big pinch of salt
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • About 1,25 dl / 1/2 cup of cashews, preferably roasted

Chocolate ganache

  • 60g / 2,1 oz dark chocolate, broken up into pieces
  • 1,5 tbsp water
  • 1,5 tbsp liquid sweetener of choice
  • A pinch of salt
  • A splash of vanilla extract


  1. Start with lining a square or rectangular dish with plastic wrap or parchment paper. My dish was 12 x 16 cm / 5 x 6 inches.
  2. Start with the brownie layer by processing the dates, nuts and seeds, rolled oats, cocoa, salt, and vanilla in a food processor or powerful blender into a nice slightly crumbly dough. It should easily keep it’s shape squeezed in your hand. If too dry, add a splash of water.
  3. Transfer the brownie “dough” to the prepped dish and press and flatten using your hands.
  4. Move on to the caramel layer. Quickly rinse the food processer, and then process the pitted dates, nut butter, salt, and vanilla smooth. Transfer and spread on top of the brownies layer. Evenly sprinkle the cashews on top of the caramel layer and press them a little bit into the caramel.
  5. In a small microwave-safe bowl, put the dark chocolate, water, liquid sweetener, salt, and vanilla. Microwave on low to medium effect for 30 second intervals until the chocolate has almost completely melted. Once melted enough, mix until you get a smooth ganache. Pour and spread the ganache on top of the caramel nut layer. Put in the fridge or freezer until the ganache has set. Cut up, devour, and enjoy!

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