Manuka berries review

Manuka berries review


IMG_6316 (3)So a couple of days ago it was my birthday and I was given a bag of manuka berries. They seemed soooo good. They’re organic raw dried grapes that have been hand picked off hills and mountains in New Zeeland.

I imagined them as big chewy but soft raisins, but that wasn’t really the case. They’re crunchy inside due to lots of small seeds. Also have you ever had a bad quality raisin? Well they have that same odd dried texture which made me rather disappointed. The flavour was very nice though, it is like a mix of raisins and honey with some elements of dates and dried figs. The only bad thing is that they seeds make it a bit more bitter, but if you remove them they’re super sweet just as honey!

Taste rating: 8/10
It was rather nice, it is very sweet. It’s just as sweet as honey, atleast without the seeds.

Texture rating: 4/10
I like my dried fruit still juicy, but this was a bit too dry for me. Also the seeds were not the best.

Value rating: 4/10
They were 55 swedish kronor / €5,79 / £4,96 / $6,42 for 250g which is pricy for most people, but it is organic and handpicked etc. You get what you pay for is my favourite old saying when I comes to these kinds of things.

Is it another “healthy food bluff”?
Kind of if you ask me, hand-picked from New Zeeland kind of sounds a bit  too good to be true.

Final rating: 6,5/10

The taste and texture grows on you. I find them really good if you remove the seeds, but they’re still good with the seeds.

If you would like to try them yourself, you can pick them up at You might like them more than I do.
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