Since I am Swedish and do make a lot of recreations of the most classic Swedish treats, I thought I’d have a whole category if you’re looking to try something new and exotic or an old favourite from when you visited Sweden. Some recipes are not originally from Sweden but have a special place in most Swede’s heart.

Dream Cookies AKA Drömmar With Salted Caramel Chocolate & Almonds
Chocolate, Coconut & Coffee Ice Cream AKA Chokladbollsglass
Swedish No Bake Punsch Rolls AKA “Dammsugare”
Coconut Caramel Brownies A.K.A. Ryttarkaka
Classic Swedish Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies AKA Hallongrottor
No Bake Chocolate Balls A.K.A Chokladbollar
Swedish Punsch Cake Pop Bites – Arraksbollar
The Best Vegan Marble Cake
Butterkaka – Swedish Sweet Almond Filled Buns with Vanilla Custard
Hazelnut Macaroon Cookies – “Nöttoppar”
Classic Swedish Buns with Sweet Almond filling A.K.A. Bullar med Mandelmassa
Simple yet Elegant Vegan Rhubarb crumble
Vegan Swedish Dammsugare – Punsch Rolls
Vegan Classic Toscakaka – Swedish Vanilla Cake with Caramelised Almonds
Classic Swedish Cardamom Buns A.K.A. Kardemummabullar

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