Loving earth Mylk chocolate review

Taste rating: 9/10 This chocolate has a complex flavour but at the same time simple. It tastes deep and rich like a darker kind of chocolate but at the same time it’s sweet and you totally get the coconut, not to the point where it just tastes like coconut. Snap and melt rating: 8/10 There’s…

Frill ice cream review

Frill is an amazing UK-based company that is just starting to sell their products in Sweden as well. They’re calling their ice cream “The frozen smoothies” and there’s not really any better explanation than that! They are at the moment only carrying three different flavours but I’d personally love to more. Also I’d like to…

Tony’s Chocoloney Chocolate Review

Taste rating: 9/10 This chocolate has a cocoa percentage of 70% but it seriously tastes like a rich 60% Belgian chocolate! So rich, creamy, not too sweet but definitely still sweet enough! My dad who isn’t the biggest fan of 70% chocolate absolutely loved this! It is not bitter at all but at the same…

Freeze dried fruit from WelB review

*Crunch* *Crunch*Β Don’t mind me I’m just having some freeze-dried fruit! It is a really interesting way to preserve things without adding any ingredients! Also because you freeze dry it (have I heard) preserves vitamin C. Doesn’t it sound like magic?! Is it a fraud? I don’t know!

Manuka berries review

  So a couple of days ago it was my birthday and I was given a bag ofΒ manuka berries. They seemed soooo good. They’re organic raw dried grapes that have been hand picked off hills and mountains in New Zeeland.