Divine, 2 ingredient, whole food chocolate tofu truffles

This recipe was created by misstake actually, hehe. I was making tofu chocolate mousse but then soemthing went wrong… I think the chocolate tofu ratio went a bit wrong, sometimes you can actually get too much chocolate. Or maybe not as this turned pretty darn delicious! Enjoy!

Super simple, healthy, whole food, vegan, 3 ingredient cocoa fudge

So you guys seemed to like my last fudge recipe so I just had to share this version as well! As I always say chocolate makes everything better! πŸ˜‰ The ingredients are pretty self explorinatory! I promise you, you’ll never want anything else than this ever again!

Vegan fruitsweetened protein brownie batter bites

You know me at this point, I am addicted to anything in the shape of a ball, hehehe. So I think eating whole foods is the best way to go, buuuuuut I am a big “no waste” person and I have a large tub with pea protein in my cupboardΒ that I have to use up…

Whole food, raw energy lemon coconut balls

Simple healthy ingredients but also extremely tasty? Heck yeah! Lemon & coconut is like a divine combo, like seriously, soooo good! Even my whole french class approved. πŸ˜‰ This recipe is also perfect if you need something a little bit more fresh during the easter holidays and also perfectly children friendly! This is a part…

Healthy, oil free, fruit sweetened chocolate mocha oatballs A.K.A chokladbollar

Swedishness overload! This is probably the most typical swedish treat known to existence! This is creamy, sweet, choclately with a mocha twist… *drooling* This is a healthy, whole food, oil and butter/margarine free, fruit sweetened (= refined sugar-free) version of one of Sweden’s most loved sweets, chokladbollen! They really taste like the real thing, not…

No bake, fruit sweetened, vegan brownie

What is a healthy food blog without a no bake brownie recipe? Well I don’t know, it doesn’t exist in my world! Haha Here’s my own version of the classic rawish, no bake, gluten-free, paleo, whole food, fruit sweetened, vegan, so super healthy brownie recipe. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Easy dark chocolate peanut butter cups

One of my brothers just absolutely loves peanut butter cups, so I thought: “What if I could make them healthier?” So I did. They only take a couple of minutes to make and they’re a good alternative to people who love peanut butter cups but want it to be for example vegan or just healthier….