These recipes are perfect to serve at your dinner parties, your Sunday dinners or why not for a romantic Thursday dinner?

Vegan Dulce de Leche Pralines
Sweet Tahini balls
Chocolate covered nut butter filled dates
Super Easy Chocolate Nougat
Saffron Rice Pudding parfait
The ultimate Dulce de Leche/Condensed coconut milk
Nostalgic 4 ingredient Kexchoklad A.K.A. Chocolate Nougat Wafers
Apple Pie Bites with a dreamy Caramel core
Super simple 4 ingredient Oreos
Fudgy Chocolate Chip Cookie dough Brownies
Coconut chocolate bark heaven
The Easiest and Healthiest Vegan Brownies Ever Made
Chocolate brownie cake squares with coconut caramel topping A.K.A. Choklad toscakaka
PB chocolate nice cream cake
Three ingredient Red Currant rolls

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