Divine, 2 ingredient, whole food chocolate tofu truffles

This recipe was created by misstake actually, hehe. I was making tofu chocolate mousse but then soemthing went wrong… I think the chocolate tofu ratio went a bit wrong, sometimes you can actually get too much chocolate. Or maybe not as this turned pretty darn delicious! Enjoy!

Dreamy, heavenly, whole food, vegan Mango fudge popsticles

This is definitely becoming a staple in our house! My brother is addicted to them, but who can blame him? When you let the ice cream thaw just a little, you take the first bite and bite into some of that fudge… Oh man, that is heavenly. Enough about the flavour, I think you’ve got…

Super simple, healthy, whole food, vegan, 3 ingredient cocoa fudge

So you guys seemed to like my last fudge recipe so I just had to share this version as well! As I always say chocolate makes everything better! ๐Ÿ˜‰ The ingredients are pretty self explorinatory! I promise you, youโ€™ll never want anything else than this ever again!