A rather different post + some personal thoughts


Okey guys, if you follow me on Instagram you might already have seen that I have made some posts about my thoughts on the pressure of being perfect in today’s society. I personally just love when fitness influencers post “10 second transformations” where you can see how they don’t look perfect ALL the frickin’ time. For a person like me, that constantly compares oneself to another, it is a true relief. I have as well been able to break the cycle, a bit, and find myself being able to stop this destructive habit of mine, which comparison is.

With this post I am showing that I am such a massive hypocrite. I want my recipe to look as appetizing as possible for you guys, at the same time as I try to keep my photos realistic as I personally find some Instagrammers’ photos so perfect so I myself feel bad about my own. I have come to terms with that my photos will probably never look as good as those who are professional photographers, as well as I have started to like that my photos look like something you can make and achieve yourself.

Hence the creation of this post. I want to show you guys my own version of “10 second transformations” with my food photos!

I have left some comments under the pictures in case if you don’t notice any difference. I am quite a plastic surgeon, you might realise. If you want to know more about how my “from idea to finished recipe” process is then leave a comment bellow and I’ll answer your questions and might even do a post or video about it!

I think I don’t have much more to say. Love yourself because you deserve and rock it!

(you can find the recipe for pretty much all of these pictures on my blog, some are just random thrown together breakfasts)


I blame you guys for wanting me to remake all these recipes now… Gosh darn it. ❤ 😉


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