Loving earth Mylk chocolate review

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Taste rating: 9/10

This chocolate has a complex flavour but at the same time simple. It tastes deep and rich like a darker kind of chocolate but at the same time it’s sweet and you totally get the coconut, not to the point where it just tastes like coconut.

Snap and melt rating: 8/10

There’s no real snap though but I think the melt sensation makes up for it, it’s absolutely insane! It melts like an absolute charm in your mouth but it isn’t like some vegan chocolates that feel like you can mush them with your fingers. This chocolate is soft but still solid enough, in my opinion.

Value rating: 4/10

29kr / $3,3 / €2,6 / £3 for 30g & 1 oz which is pretty darn expensive. 3 times more expensive than most chocolates.


Final rating: 7/10

It is extremely delicious! I have tried may other flavours from the same brand and all have been absolutely delightful! Is it worth it though? I think it’s all about how much you want it. It is extremely delicious so it’s something I’ll totally buy when treating myself!

Hope this review helped! ❤

PS. I absolutely love that they packaging is made of compostable materials!!!


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