Easiest and healthiest, whole food, 3 ingredient cocoa fudge

So you guys seemed to like my last fudge recipe so I just had to share this version as well! As I always say chocolate makes everything better! πŸ˜‰ The ingredients are pretty self explorinatory! I promise you, you’ll never want anything else than this ever again!

Vegan, oil-free, fruitsweetened Rubarb Muffins

I have not always been a big fan of rubarb but this is one of the things that made me change my mind! Rubarb is after Swedish strawberries one of Sweden’s most loved “fruit”, and this recipe totally does it justice! It’s also totally in season as well. πŸ˜‰ Vegan, healthy, fruit sweetened, oil-free, whole…

Healthy, three ingredient, paleo, flourless fluff pancakes

Let’s all pray to the pancake Gods and thank them for this goodness! Haha These are like fluffy clouds in the shape of pancakes! They’re sweet,f rom the bananas, and I promise you they’re not doughy nor soggy like some pancakes can get! They’re suitable for gluten intolerants too as they don’t contain any flour!…

Divine cacao & raspberry smoothie

Soooooooo, this is like my favourite smoothie combo EVAH! Seriously I have had this almost everyday for more than a month now and I still am not getting bored of it! Soooooo good! You can also had some coffee if you fancy, it’s an amazing twist! I’ll just let the ingredients speak for themselves! Hope…

Simplest, healthiest, vegan, 2 ingredient salted caramel fudge

– How simple is simple, you say. Extremely simple, nuts of choice for the creamyness and then dates for the sticky, fudgey and sweetness! That’s how simple it is! The only tricky part is that you have to have the patience to mix the nuts until smooth (or you can use already made nut butter)….