Tony’s Chocoloney Chocolate Review

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Taste rating: 9/10

This chocolate has a cocoa percentage of 70% but it seriously tastes like a rich 60% Belgian chocolate! So rich, creamy, not too sweet but definitely still sweet enough! My dad who isn’t the biggest fan of 70% chocolate absolutely loved this! It is not bitter at all but at the same time very rich and can satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth.

Snap and melt rating: 7/10
Melts like a charm in your mouth. The pieces are rather thick which has its pros and cons. I personally like my chocolate to be thinner for that extra snap but this chocolate still delivers a lovely snap even though the thickness!

Once you take a bite it doesn’t melt immediately in your mouth like some more sugary and fatty chocolates do but it doesn’t take ages neither. I find its melting speed to be pretty much perfect!

Value rating: 8/10

35kr / $3,99 / €3,7 / £3,2 for 180g & 6,35 oz is a pretty good deal for such terrific chocolate that also is fair trade which is amazing!

Quality and ethicality 9/10

The quality is really something special, especially for its price class. I love how it’s fair trade and that the company’s/bar’s mission is to end slavery in the cocoa industry!

Final rating: 8,5/10

I give this chocolate a solid 9/10, will definitely be buying this again! Magnificent taste and texture, also great value!

I find it funny how they divide the bar into unequal pieces to resemble the unequal share of money in the cocoa/chocolate industry. I do like the idea but I got to be honest and say that I makes it quite difficult to break a part. Especially when the chocolate bar is as thick as it is. I actually had to bite of pieces of the whole bar due to that. Well everything can’t be absolutely perfect!

Definitely recomend buying this! ❤

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