Freeze dried fruit from WelB review

IMG_6345 (4)

*Crunch* *Crunch* Don’t mind me I’m just having some freeze-dried fruit!

It is a really interesting way to preserve things without adding any ingredients! Also because you freeze dry it (have I heard) preserves vitamin C. Doesn’t it sound like magic?! Is it a fraud? I don’t know!

IMG_7359 (3)

Freeze dried fruit is just getting more and more popular! In Sweden it’s still quite difficult to find compared to the US. When I was ordering som things online I came across this brand! I just loves the way the packages looked and I just had to but myself one of each available flavour!

IMG_7750 (3)

Taste rating: 8/10
It has a very nice fresh taste. I liked the strawberry and peach more because it was little bit sour but still sweet.

Texture rating: 6/10

It is very fluffy but at the same time a little bit hard but as soon as it goes into your mouth your saliva make it very soft and rather nice. If you have ever had a kind of corn puff before that is the best way to describe it.

 Value rating: 3/10IMG_7754 (3)

It really was rather expensive compared to the small package. It was 15kr /
1,75$ / €1,6 per bag which contains around 15 grams.

Final rating: 6/10

I think I’ll stick to eating fresh fruit due to it being a bit too expensive, but still I’ll probably pick this up again because it is a pretty nice treat. I really recommend trying freeze-dried fruit but I found this brand/small amount to be too expensive.

I bought this from

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