Lemon Poppy seed Muffins

These Β muffins are oil free, fruit sweetened (= no refined sugar), high fiber, whole food, but most importantly – delicious! They’re also 100% plant based. They’re super moist, fluffy and not dense at all!

Quick easy satisfying chocoloate orange raw balls

Who doesn’t like the chocolate orange combo? Well, not me as a kid but I decided to give it another try and it turned out too good to be true! They’re super chocolately with a fresh touch of orange. You can also substitute the orange zest to other citrus zests to give it a different…

Manuka berries review

  So a couple of days ago it was my birthday and I was given a bag ofΒ manuka berries. They seemed soooo good. They’re organic raw dried grapes that have been hand picked off hills and mountains in New Zeeland.

Hearty, simple roasted chickpeas

Yum yum yum! A couple of days I go I started thinking about how I missed the wonderful salad bar in school. You could make the most colorful plates. My favourites were the hummus, roasted root vegetables (oh my lord how I miss them) and beans, but suddenly I remembered that they had served roasted…

Incredibly easy, vegan banana and chocolate ice cream

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it’s a banana on a stick! This is a super easy recipe that anyone, absolutely anyone can make! Personally I like it a bit thawed so it’s almost like banana sorbet with chocolate. The thing I like about not making the banana into nicecream is that…